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super cling

When painting your home it is essential that you protect and cover the areas you DON’T want to paint properly. That’s where Super Cling by Prodec comes in…

static charged

Super Cling is a polythene dust sheet roll that has been static charged; this enables it to cling to virtually any surface. Applying Super Cling is quick and easy: simply cut it to size from the dispenser box using the handy safety cutter provided and press to the surface you want to protect. The static charge will take care of the rest.

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Super Cling’s static charge enables it to ‘cling’ to virtually any surface.

Super Cling can be repositioned repeatedly if required, and it has been tested on everything from walls to floors, doors to bookcases, wooden furniture to upholstery and more – it will cling to them all!

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Not only does Super Cling protect areas like regular polythene sheets, but the static charge also helps to attract oversprays and sanding dust reducing both mess and airborne particles while yoy continue your project!


Super Cling by Prodec is available today in our Paint Store in Dublin!


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