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Yes, we offer delivery nationwide! We deliver paint, lighting and some soft furnishing and accessories across Ireland. You can shop online across the various sections of our website. 

Our delivery cost is €6.95 within Dublin and €9.95 outside of Dublin. We kindly ask to choose the correct county at checkout or your order may be cancelled or returned to us by the courier – we will then have to charge the full delivery cost again for the parcel to be re-sent. 

Yes, we offer click and collect for any of the products featured in our Online Store. Please see full details of our collection policy here

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paint department

choosing colours

Step number one for any painting project is choosing your colour. We recommend to visit us in-store or request a colour brochure first. We then advise to use tester pots to choose your colour as colour chips in brochures – while accurate are quite small and it is difficult to judge how a colour will look in a large space. Paint your testers on different walls to see how it will look in different lighting and revisit during daytime and night to see how they look in natural and artificial light.

You can also paint colours on large A4 sheets and move them around different areas of the room.

Online colour swatches on our site are indications of colour only and we do not recommend choosing colours based on how they appear on-screen. Technical limitations and screen types, calibrations and brightness levels will all affect how colours look on-screen – sometimes drastically! Always test with real paint testers.

We offer an interior design consultation service with our in-store Interior Designer Emma Edmonds. This service is offered within the greater Dublin area only and is by appointment.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer online colour consultations or colour advice through our website or social media.

To request an appointment with Emma please submit through the Colour Consultation contact form. We also offer inspiration through our Inspiration Page or through our social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook.


Before painting your interior walls we recommend making sure you have all of the right tools for the job at hand. Good quality rollers such as Two Fussy Blokes Microfibre rollers are essential for a quality finish. A roller tray & frame, a good quality brush for cutting in, good quality low tack masking tape and protective dust sheets are all essential for interior wall painting. You may also need filler, a filling knife, caulk and sanding sponges depending on the condition of your walls.

We recommend applying an appropriate primer when your plaster is fully dry and ready for painting. The primers we recommend are Tikkurila Optiva Primer (thinned with no more than 5% clean water) or Colourtrend Prime 4 (thinned with approx. 10% clean water). These primers will soak into the bare plaster and anchor themselves to the substrate leaving you with the perfect base for your topcoat.

We always recommend to ensure interior woodwork is thoroughly cleaned and lightly sanded – even if using an adhesion primer! Never sacrifice prep! This will add durability and possibly many years to the life of your paint system. This is especially true for the likes of kitchen cupboards where grease can build over time even if you can’t visibly see it.

Clean thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner such as sugar soap, Krud Kutter or methylated spirits. Rinse with clean water after using sugar soap or Krud Kutter and dry. Then lightly rub down the substrate with a fine sanding sponge or sanding pad and use a tack cloth or damp cloth to remove any dust. (Use methylated spirit on exterior woodwork.)

Then use an appropriate primer depending on if your wood is previously painted or bare and topcoat according to instructions.


Yes! We have various tile painting kits for wall and floor tiles which include full instructions. You can read more about them in the Painting Made Easy Kits section of our website. We always say to be aware that painted tile – while durable will never be as tough as real uncoated tiles.

Most of our paint brands offer similar paint finishes. For example, most offer standard non-washable matt finishes for walls, washable matts and soft sheen finishes. They will be named differently between brands but full descriptions are available on the various product pages.

For low traffic areas such as standard bedrooms or living rooms standard matt finishes will suffice and give a beautiful flat finish and not highlight any possible blemishes on walls. Washable matts are generally slightly more expensive but have the benefit of being wipeable and/or scrubbable while maintaining a flat matt finish. We generally recommend washable matt finishes for higher traffic area such as kitchen, hall, stairs & landing or children’s bedrooms. Soft sheen finishes offer high levels of durability and washability and are particularly suited to bathrooms or my more steam/humidity prone areas – with a slightly visible sheen.

We also offer various mould and mildew resistant finishes where needed.

Again, most brands offer similar finishes for woodwork – eggshell, satin and gloss. Eggshell finishes are generally the lowest sheen option with sheen levels ranging from 10% to 25%. Satin is a mid-level sheen option with slightly higher durability with sheen levels ranging from 25% to 40%. Gloss is the highest sheen level of approx. 80% to 95% between brands and is also a highly durable finish.

Most interior woodwork paints are also suitable for use in radiators. Refer to your chosen brand’s usage instructions.

On most water-based products the recommended time between coats is 2-4 hours where for most oil-based products the recommended time between coats is 16 hours. This can vary between products and primers so always refer to your selected brand’s usage instructions.

technical questions

Oil-based paints are more traditional or older style paints for wood & metal. Oil-based paints generally have a higher odour and longer drying time. If using white oil based paints they may yellow over time do to the “oil” or “polyurethane” present.

Water-based wood & metals paints are generally lower odour, quicker drying and easier to clean up than their oil-based equivalents. Water-based technology has improved greatly over the last number of years and most contain alkyld resins meaning they feature similar or equal durability to oil-based paints but without the higher odour or more difficult clean up!

Firstly, ensure that any possible cause of a leak has been found and fixed. For water-stains we recommend the use of Zinsser Cover Stain or Fleetwood Bloxx-It primer sealers. Apply two coats according to instructions. This will prevent the stain “bleeding” into your topcoat. Topcoat with any interior wall or ceiling paint.

For damp stains apply a breathable primer such as Ronseal Damp Seal or Toupret Humistop and topcoat appropriately.

We recommend priming appropriately with a knot blocking primer sealer. Zinsser BIN, Fleetwood Terminator, Colourtrend Prime 1 or Tikkurila Multi-Stop are all great options. Always refer to chosen primer’s usage instructions. Topcoat with any appropriate wood topcoat.

Most of our paint brands contain low amounts of VOCs – however we recommend researching various brands first as VOC levels will vary depending on chosen brand and colour depth.

We offer eco-friendly low VOC options such as Tikkurila Joker (Joker has been proven safe, as it has been granted the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation approval. The solvent-free Joker suits perfectly for living and kid's rooms painting) and Berling Forma Free.

lighting department

Most of our light fittings are in stock in-store but some have to be specially ordered from suppliers increasing the lead time on deliveries and collections for these fittings. We advise checking with us by emailing [email protected] or filling out our contact form as to whether a particular fitting is in stock.

No. While we offer a comprehensive lighting selection in-store, not all fittings from our website are on display in-store. Some may need to be specially ordered. Please get in touch through our contact form here to enquire if a particular fitting is on display.

other departments

Yes! We offer a fully bespoke curtain and blind service within Dublin area. Read more about our curtain and blind services here.

Yes, we offer a fully bespoke headboard service in a range of styles and fabric choices. Read more about this service here.

Yes, we offer a large variety of wallpapers from some of the world’s best known and highest quality brands. We offer various wallpapers online and an even bigger selection to order in-store from our range of wallpaper book

No, we do not carry rolls of wallpaper physically in-store – all are available to order only with lead times varying per supplier. Please see our delivery and returns policy here.

Please fill out the contact form here and a team member will contact you by phone or email to arrange.

delivery and returns

Yes, we offer delivery nationwide across Ireland and Northern ireland! We deliver paint, lighting and some soft furnishing and accessories across Ireland and Northern Ireland. You can shop online across the various sections of our website.

Yes, we offer click and collect for any of the products featured in our Online Store. Please see full details of our collection policy here.

Please contact us on [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please contact us on [email protected] . Please note we cannot accept returns of custom-made, bespoke products such as specially mixed paints. See our full returns policy here.

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