introducing plant based olive stone emulsion paint by mylands of london

introducing plant based olive stone emulsion paint by mylands of london - Stillorgan Decor

If you share our commitment to sustainability and reducing your ecological footprint, you’ll be excited to explore our new revolutionary paint finish by British Paint Manufacturers Mylands of London – Olive Stone Emulsion. Crafted from finely ground olive stone powder, a by-product of the olive oil industry, and blended with plant-based resin, this innovative solution yields extraordinary results. Beyond it’s positive environmental impact, this paint offers you a superb high-quality ultra-matt finish with a naturally rich colour that is exceptionally durable. It’s not just an eco-friendly choice; it’s a visually stunning and long-lasting investment for you.

Dominic Myland, CEO, says:

“This is a radical step for Mylands in our bid for a higher percentage of plant-based ingredients and a lower carbon footprint all while maintaining the quality and aesthetic for our clients. The beauty of being a family run business with our own production is that we have the freedom to innovate and develop new qualities and collections that we feel passionate about. Olive Stone Emulsion is a perfect example for this. While our paints have always been high quality and we had already developed a multi-surface plant-based paint, this is a huge step for us and an exciting milestone on our environmental journey. As you’d expect from Mylands, the quality and finish is amazing, it’s wonderful to paint with and gives a really beautiful true matt finish.”


  • Natural ingredients
  • Ethical sourcing
  • High quality
  • Sustainability
  • Depth of colour

Mylands’ dedication to minimizing chemicals and microplastics in their paints spans over 12 years. Through continuous innovation and experimentation, they have introduced new plant-based paint collections. Opting for natural earth pigments sets them apart as one of the few remaining manufacturers committed to this choice. The outcome is a luxurious, vibrant, colour rich paint that aligns with their strong environmental focus.


Their latest offering, the Olive Stone Emulsion, boasts an impressive 56% bio-based content. Combining groundbreaking ground olive stone powder with a plant oil-based resin results in a paint that not only delivers long-lasting, durable coverage but also contributes significantly to environmental friendliness.


The oils utilized in Mylands paint are meticulously and ethically procured. Their mineral fillers predominantly originate from natural clays, all sourced in a conscientious and equitable manner.

introducing plant based olive stone emulsion paint by mylands of london - Stillorgan Decor


Olive Stone boasts an ultra-matte finish with a delightful tactile experience (and easy wipe-clean functionality) with a mere 2% sheen. The use of natural pigments results in a vivid and rich colour palette. It is suitable for all interior walls and ceilings, particularly in high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. With a selection of over 180 paint colours, you’re certain to discover the perfect shade for your space. Olive Stone Emulsion is now available in all Mylands colours. We invite you to get in touch with us today and explore the extensive Mylands paint colour range and learn more about Mylands’ commitment to ethical and natural paint options.


You can explore the beautiful colours by Mylands of London – all available in Olive Stone Emulson by clicking here.

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