lighting tips for the dining room

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our top tips for lighting your dining space

In our South Dublin Lighting Store we are asked regularly for advice on lighting placement within individual rooms and would like to share our some of our top tips with you. When it comes to lighting choice and placement, not all rooms are created equal and it is important to keep this in mind. An office or study will generally require light to focus on a certain area such as a computer desk while living rooms benefit from an equal spread of light across the room. We believe every room in your home should reflect it’s purpose and therfore lighting plays a key role in your day to day home life.

Here are some tips we recommend you to consider when lighting your Dining Room.

table manners

To draw people or guests in, it is recommended to make the table the brightest spot in the room.

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For example, set a chandelier or a pendant fitting above the dining table; a chandlelier perhaps works best if you entertain guests regularly while a simple pendant or shade is sometimes all that’s needed when the main use of the dining area is for time with family. This also adds a focal point to your dining room and instantly makes the table the most important spot in the room; after all some of the most important conversations in any family happen around the dinner table!

meanwhile, elsewhere…

Elsewhere in the room,we generally think that indirect lighting is best as it can be relaxing and also flattering.

We think the dinner table should be the main focus so there is no need for complicated lighting elsewhere in the room. Give the space a subtle glow and illumination with a pair of small table lamps on a sideboard, for example.

So that was our top tips for lighting your Dining space. Don’t forget, what may work for other may not work in your home so why not visit our South Dublin Lighting Store today where our experienced staff will guide you on what lighting works best for your space!


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