‘wall tile kit by rustoleum’

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Our Painting Made Easy ‘Wall Tile Kit’ makes it easy to clean and transform the wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom; it’s the perfect kitchen for freshening up your kitchen splashback.
This Painting Made Easy Set includes:
1 x 750ml Rustoleum Universal All Surface Tile Paint in your colour choice

1 x 750ml Krud Kutter Cleaner & Degreaser

1 x 4″ Mini Roller Frame

1 x 4″ Plastic Roller Tray

1 x 3pk Two Fussy Blokes 5mm Smooth Microfibre Sleeves

1 x 1.5″ Fleetwood Pro-D Synthetic Paint Brush

1 x 750ml White Spirits

1 x 1.5″ Prodec Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape

FREE 1 x Prodec Can Opener

Painting Made Easy Price €63 versus individual price €72.

  • black gloss
  • black satin
  • black matt
  • white gloss
  • white satin
  • white matt
  • dark grey gloss
  • slate grey gloss
  • canary yellow gloss
  • cobalt blue gloss
  • cardinal red gloss
  • heirloom white gloss
  • espresso brown gloss
  • racing green gloss
  • emerald green gloss
  • real almond gloss
  • sunset orange gloss
  • duckegg blue satin
  • rose satin

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1. Using a clean microfiber or similar cleaning cloth scrub your tiles with the provided Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser. Ensure to clean the tiles thoroughly and concentrate between the grout as grease or grime can build here especially. After cleaning thoroughly with Krud Kutter, clean again with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Allow the tiles to dry completely before the next step.

2. Apply the Prodec Low Tack Tape to any edges and surfaces you do not want to paint and ensure that the edges of the tape are firmly pressed down to avoid any paint bleed.

3. Pour the Rustoleum Universal Paint into the roller tray and using the Fleetwood Pro-D Paint Brush cut in around any edges or intricate areas first. Do not over brush the paint as this will cause brush marks. Using the Two Fussy Blokes Roller apply the tile paint to the tiles. Apply to one section at a time ensuring not to over apply the paint. When completely coated apply the roller again in one direction, section by section to ensure an even smooth finish.

4. After your first coat is fully dry, apply a second coat using the same method as step 3. (You can wrap you brush and roller in an airtight plastic bag or film to prevent them drying out between coats.

5. Remove any excess paint from your brush and roller on newspaper or cardboard and then clean with the provided white spirit. After cleaning with white spirit, clean again with warm soapy water and then clean water.

6. Allow to dry and enjoy your freshly painted new tiles.