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Calypso HM 2023
Copper KM 2034
Cressida KM 2033
Deimus HM 2027
Desdemona HM 2028
Elara HM 2031
Galatea KM 2025
Gold KM
Hyperion HM 2022
Janus KM 2024
Juliet KM 2029
Jupiter HM 2075
Luna HM 2073
Mars KM 2070
Mercurius HM 2076
Portia HM 2026
Rosalind HM 2030
Silver HM
Sole KM 2079
Terra KM 2078
Umbriel KM 2032
Uranus HM 2077
Venus HM 2074
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Taika pearl paints are opaque pearlescent paints which will help you create luxurious finishes on walls, furniture and other interior details. Taika pearl paint is available in a wide range of colours or can be used untinted in silver and gold.
n Everyday life does not need to be gray, and less is not always more. Adding some sparkle to your life is easy. With the quick-drying, waterborne Taika paints, you can make the change in just one day.
n A metallic sheen in its different shades transforms even the most ordinary objects. Taika Pearl Paints are suitable for walls as well a furniture and any other items that you wish to highlight.
n *Please note we are unable to accept returns of paint which has been tinted to your colour selection.  We advise purchasing a sample pot of your chosen colour prior to purchasing larger quantities. We do not recommend choosing colours from a colour screen as screens do not accurately represent paint colours as they will appear in your home