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pretty boy paint cleaner & conditioner 250ml


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Pretty Boy Paint Cleaner & Conditioner 250ml

Pretty Boy Paint Cleaner is an eco-friendly, all-purpose paint cleaner & conditioner.

Clean and condition your paint brushes and rollers so they function better and last longer. The cleaner breaks the bonding power of paint and the conditioners restore and protect brush fibres.

Suitable for all water-based paints, stains, and primers (do not used with oil based paints)

Suitable to use straight out of the bottle to clean your paint brushes & rollers. Dilute in water to soak paint tools, sprayers, or anything you want paint free.

* Never soak your paint brushes below the ferrule *

Works great on paint, but also tough on dirt, grime, and grease

Non-toxic and gentle on the hands

Pre-condition new paint brushes to protect fibers from breaking down, restore old dried brushes, and can bring back to life brushes left with paint on them over night.

How to clean brushes and rollers:

1. Rinse excess paint off brush / roller with water

2. Apply teaspoon amount of Pretty Boy directly to brush / roller

3. Work through with a wire brush or by hand for 30 seconds

4. Let sit for 3 to 5 minutes on a flat surface

5. Rinse throroughly with water. Repeat as needed