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The Barrettine Peelaway Twin Pack is specifically formulated to facilitate a preliminary trial in an inconspicuous region before embarking on the comprehensive application of either product. This package comprises both 150g of Peelaway 1 and Peelaway 7, allowing you to explore and evaluate their effectiveness on a smaller scale before proceeding with larger tasks.

Peelaway 1 is designed primarily for the removal of older, oil-based paint and varnish layers. It’s commonly used for historical restoration projects where multiple layers of paint need to be stripped to reveal the original surface. It is particularly effective at removing lead-based paints and other heavy-duty coatings. This makes it suitable for older structures where lead-based paints were once used. Peelaway 1 is often used on intricate, carved, or moulded surfaces due to its ability to penetrate and remove multiple layers of paint. After using Peelaway 1, the surface requires neutralization using the Peelaway Neutraliser. This step is crucial to ensure proper paint adhesion.

Peelaway 7 is formulated for the removal of more modern coatings, such as acrylics, latex paints, and certain water-based paints. It is considered less aggressive compared to Peelaway 1. It is generally effective for paints that are not as old or as oil-based as those Peelaway 1 is targeted at.