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We do not recommend choosing paint colours from a screen since they can not be accurately represented as they will appear in your home. For this reason, we always suggest you try a tester pot first.

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Introducing 60 new full spectrum shades. Never before have colours that yield such visual dynamism been achievable. Meticulously hand-crafted, each colour recipe is totally unique with greater clarity, purity and saturation.

Inspired by iconic moments in time, each timeless shade from the Vogue® collection is one of a kind. Drawing on over five decades of great design, style, and sometimes pure imagination, each colour has a story to tell. Now … create your own.

*Please note we are unable to accept returns of paint which has been tinted to your colour selection.  We advise purchasing a sample pot of your chosen colour prior to purchasing larger quantities. We do not recommend choosing colours from a colour screen as screens do not accurately represent paint colours as they will appear in your home. 

You can read our full terms and conditions here.