tikkurila valtti wood & decking oil

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5060 Lumi (LogHouse White Wash)
200A Fair Wing
201A Ural Owl
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We do not recommend choosing paint colours from a screen since they can not be accurately represented as they will appear in your home. For this reason, we always suggest you try a tester pot first.

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5060 Lumi (LogHouse White Wash)
200A Fair Wing
201A Ural Owl
202A Sleeping Wind
203A Firm Rock
204A Winter Sky
205A Frost
206A Whitewater
207A Grey Seal
208A Forest Shed
209A Infinite
210A Arctic Light
211A Forest Mist
212A Wolf
213A Rain Cloud
214A Starling
215A Bushel
216A Herald of Winter
217A Warm Ground
218A Velvety Milkcap
219A Black Woodpecker
220A Strawberry Milk
221A Gentle Memory
222A Hedgehog
223A Steady Ground
224A Beetle
225A Stook
226A Artichoke
227A Matsutake
228A Backroad
229A Clay Soil
230A Altostratus
231A Summer Oak
232A Roe Fawn
233A Filly
234A Otter
235A Apple Sauce
236A Golden Life
237A Will O' The Wisp
238A Ruby Tiger
239A Flying Leaf
240A Coral Bells
241A Dark Woods
242A Goldcrest
243A Serendepity
244A Deep Waters
245A Lovely Evening
246A Crane
3433 Hemp
3435 Path
3436 Thunder
3437 Wildgoose
3438 Mist
3439 Wool
3440 Old Oak
3441 Hazel
3442 Teak
3443 Wenze
3444 Blackberry
3445 Charcoal
3446 Redwood
3447 Willow
3448 Beech
3449 Heartwood
3450 Nougat
3451 Mahogany
3452 Grove
3453 Ivy
3454 Mediterranean
3455 Sea
3456 Cornflower
3457 Summerday
3458 Tangerine
3459 Rowanberry
3460 Chili
3461 Plum
3462 Sage
3463 Rain
3464 Storm
3465 Boulder
3466 Vanilla
3467 Ginger
3468 Rose
3469 Straw
5050 Mesi
5051 Pihka
5052 Pouta
5053 Vahvero
5054 Kantarelli
5055 Manty
5056 Kettu
5057 Orava
5058 Varvikko
5059 Marja
5061 Kaisla
5062 Tuohi
5063 Sora
5064 Heina
5065 Suvi
5066 Lehti
5067 Lieko
5068 Näre
5069 Siimes
5070 Ruoko
5071 Tatti
5072 Honka
5073 Petäjä
5074 Karhu
5075 Kihokki
5076 Varpu
5077 Kanto
5078 Kataja
5079 Kuusi
5080 Vasa
5081 Kaste
5082 Laavu
5083 Kivi
5084 Kajo
5085 Ilta
5086 Yö
5087 Poro
5088 Turve
5089 Piki

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A solvent-borne wax-containing wood oil for outdoor use. Protects wood against moisture and dirt and decreases cracking of wood surfaces.


Suitable for protecting bare or previously oil-treated exterior wood surfaces. Suitable for impregnated wood (pressure-treated wood), hardwood, thermally modified wood and untreated wood.
Traditional Valtti Puuoljy (Wood Oil) is available in clear and a range of colours for terraces, wooden stairs, decking, jetties, and garden and balcony furniture. Wood oil is absorbed well into new or previously oiled board surfaces.
n Valtti Puuoljy (Wood Oil) is suitable for the treatment of bare wood or previously oiled decking and board surfaces outdoors. Wood oil protects the wood from moisture and reduces cracking.
Treating a board surface with oil deepens and evens out the wood’s natural color, when the oil is tinted to the color closest to the color of the wood. The end result is always affected by the type of wood.
Valtti Oil Colours resist weathering and UV rays better than the clear version. Colors that blend in with the landscape from the Valtti color card.
Colours will vary on different timber species.

*Please note we are unable to accept returns of paint which has been tinted to your colour selection. We advise purchasing a sample pot of your chosen colour prior to purchasing larger quantities. We do not recommend choosing colours from a colour screen as screens do not accurately represent paint colours as they will appear in your home.