patio paving stain

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EK00 - White
EK01 - Light Grey
EK02 - Grey
EK03 - Dark Grey
EK04 - Black
EK05 - Brown
EK06 - Purple
EK07 - Reddish Brown
EK08 - Red
EK09 - Light Brown
EK10 - Yellow
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Water-borne paving stain for concrete garden stones and slabs. Not recommended for new garden stones or non-absorbing substrates like wash concrete or natural stone.
-For industrially dyed and uncolored paving stones and slabs.
-The stain can be applied using a brush, roller, or knapsack spray. A knapsack spray is the most efficient tool for applying stain on large surfaces. When using a knapsack spray, finish the treatment with a roller or brush, if needed, to ensure that the product penetrates into the substrate pores. The stones will not be slippery, and they will retain their characteristic appearance.
-The product is suitable for industrially dyed and uncolored concrete stones and slabs.

Patio Paving Stain is not recommended for new garden stones or non-absorbing substrates such as washed concrete or natural stone. Ensure the slabs are completely bone dry before application.
-Choose a color from among the ten Patio Paving Stain color card tints that most closely matches the color of the stones to be treated. Undyed concrete gray paving stones can be stained to a completely new color.

*Please note we are unable to accept returns of paint which has been tinted to your colour selection.  We advise purchasing a sample pot of your chosen colour prior to purchasing larger quantities. We do not recommend choosing colours from a colour screen as screens do not accurately represent paint colours as they will appear in your home.n You can read our full terms and conditions