kitchen worktop transformation kit – galaxy black

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coverage5 m2
drying time48 hrs


Rust-Oleum Kitchen Worktop Transformations is a revolutionary do-it-yourself coating that enables you to easily and affordably transform your worn or damaged worktops. Get a professional, clean look which will give you a beautifully restored worktop that will last for years.

This product makes it easy to transform the look of your worktop. The kit comes with an instructional DVD, as well as a leaflet, showing you just how easily it can be done. There’s no need to remove the worktops.


  • Easy, durable and also affordable.
  • Modern gloss finish.
  • No messy removals.
  • Indoor use.


  • Coverage: up to 5m² of surface.
  • Basecoat: Recoat basecoat after 2 hours.
  • Topcoat: allow to dry 48 hours for light use, 7 days for full use.
  • Coats required: Basecoat: 2 coats. Topcoat: 1 coat.