‘perfect window sill kit’ by fleetwood


Our Painting Made Easy ‘Perfect Window Sill Kit’ has everything you need to perfectly refresh your window sills with Fleetwood Pure Grip Stabilizing Adhesion Primer and Weatherclad Smooth Masonry Paint in Brilliant White.

This Painting Made Easy Kit features:

500ml Pure Grip Primer + 1lt Weatherclad Brilliant White

OR 1lt Pure Grip Primer + 2.5lt Weatherclad Brillaint White

1 x Handheld Paint Cup

1 x 1″ Fleetwood Low Tack Washi Tape

1 x 2.5″ Fleetwood Pro-D Brush

3 x Sanding Pads (1 each fine, medium and coarse)

1 x Tack Cloth

FREE 1 x Prodec Can Opener

  • 500ml primer + 1lt topcoat
  • 1lt primer + 2.5lt topcoat

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