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Our Painting Made Easy ‘Deck Painting Kit’ includes everything you need to prepare and paint your wooden decking with Sadolin Beautiflex Solvent Opaque Woodstain in the RAL Classic Colour Collection.

Sadolin Beautiflex solvent borne opaque woodstain provides a beautiful, flexible finish for exterior wood including decking. The microporous formulation works and flexes with the substrate, resisting cracking, peeling and flaking, which in turn provides long lasting protection for up to 7 years. Sadolin Beautiflex offers a solid colour finish with excellent opacity, superb colour retention and superior weather resistance, particularly to UV and water. Highly durable and easy to apply, Sadolin Beautiflex is the perfect solution for exterior wood protection. Sadolin Beautiflex® can be applied to new and previously painted or stained surfaces, and is ideal for use where a complete change of colour is required or where the existing surface has become weathered and uneven in appearance.

Please let us know if you would like us to mix a special ant-slip sand into your decking paint in the options below. This will give a slightly visible texture but reduce risk of slipping.

*Please note that any decking when wet may be hazardous and extreme care must be taking when walking on wet decking.

This Painting Made Easy Set includes:

1 or 2 x 2.5lt Sadolin Beautiflex in your colour choice

1 x 2.5lt Cuprinol Decking Cleaner

1 x 500ml White Spirits

1 x 9″ Plastic Roller Tray

1 x 9″ Professional Roller Frame

1 x 9″ Two Fussy Blokes 15mm Nap Microfibre Roller

1 x 2.5″ Fleetwood Pro-D Synthetic Paint Brush

FREE 1 x Prodec Metal Can Opener

Small Deck Painting Made Easy Price €82 vs Separate Price €87
Large Deck Painting Made Easy Price €128 vs Separate Price €133

Please note we are unable to accept returns of paint which has been tinted to your colour selection.  We advise purchasing a sample pot of your chosen colour prior to purchasing larger quantities. We do not recommend choosing colours from a colour screen as screens do not accurately represent paint colours as they will appear in your home.

You can read our full terms and conditions here.

  • 2.5lt kit for small decks
  • 5lt kit for large decks

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  1. Clean your decking thoroughly with the Cuprinol Decking Cleaner and a stiff scrubbing or yard brush.
  2. Allow your decking to dry completely for a couple of dry days after the cleaning process. This is extremely important as any moisture remaining in the wooden decking may cause peeling in the future.
  3. Using the 2.5″ Pro-D Brush cut in around any intricate areas or edges with the Sadolin Beautiflex Opaque Woodstain. 
  4. Using the Two Fussy Blokes 15mm Roller apply a coat of Sadolin Beautiflex evenly across your decking ensuring to finish each section in the same direction for a smooth, even finish.
  5. Wrap your roller and brush in an airtight plastic bag or similar while waiting for your first coat to dry. Allow your first coat to dry overnight before applying a second coat.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to apply a second coat of Beautiflex.
  7. Clean your equipment with white spirits and then clean in warm soapy water.
  8. Allow overnight before gentle traffic is allowed on decking and allow 1 week for your finish to cure before general use.