cupboard handle transformation kit w/wrx spray paint


This Painting Made Easy Kit has everything you need to transform dull or worn kitchen cupboard handles or knobs with the beautiful colours of WRX Spray Paint Paint and the protective WRX Spray Varnish.

This Painting Made Easy Kit contains:

1 x WRX Spray Paint in your colour choice

1 x WRX Protective Varnish Spray

1 x Medium Sanding Pad

1 x Tack Cloth

  • matt
  • sheen
  • aluminium
  • bronze
  • gloss white
  • gold leaf
  • jet black
  • matt black
  • matt white
  • wheel silver

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1. Remove your cupboard handles or knobs

2. Clean them well with warm soapy water and allow to dry completely

3. Polish the handles with the medium sanding pad to remove and dull any sheen and allow for better adhesion of the paint. Clean with the tack cloth to remove any dust.

4. Lay the handles on newspaper or a dust sheet and apply 1 coat of WRX Spray Paint ensuring to lightly and evenly apply across the handles. Allow to dry for 2 hours.

5. If needed lightly sand and tack before applying a second coat of WRX Spray Paint evenly, lightly and smoothly.

6. When the Taika paint is fully dry lightly and evenly apply 1 coat of WRX Spray Varnish to the handles being careful not to over apply it and cause drips.

7. When fully dry apply a second coat for extra durability if needed.

8. Allow to dry overnight before reattaching your cupboard knobs.