‘create your own front door kit’


Our Painting Made Easy ‘Front Door Kit’ has all you need to achieve a beautiful finish on your front door and transform it into an eye catching piece of your home’s exterior. This kit works on all door types, even PVC!

This Front Door Kit includes the following:

1 x 1lt Fleetwood Bloxx It Primer in appropriate colour

1 x 750ml/1lt Topcoat in your chosen colour

1 x 500ml White Spirit

1 x500ml Methylated Spirit

1 x 4″ Mini roller frame

1 x 3pk Two Fussy Blokes 4″ 5mm Nap Smooth Sleeves

1 x 4″ Plastic Roller Tray

1 x 1.5″ Fleetwood Pro-D Synthetic Paint Brush

1 x Tack cloth

1 x Fine & Medium Sanding Pad

1 x 12′ x 12′ Plastic Dust Sheet

1 x 1.5″ Prodec Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape

FREE 1 x Prodec Metal Can Opener

Base Kit Price €58 Plus Additional Topcoat Price

*Please note we are unable to accept returns of paint which has been tinted to your colour selection.  We advise purchasing a sample pot of your chosen colour prior to purchasing larger quantities. We do not recommend choosing colours from a colour screen as screens do not accurately represent paint colours as they will appear in your home. 

You can read our full terms and conditions here.

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1. Remove any hardware such as letter boxes or numerals from your front door if you wish. These can also be masked off at a later stage.

2. Using a 50/50 mixture of methylated spirits and water, thoroughly clean your door with a cleaning cloth or similar. Focus especially on nooks and crannies where dirt accumulation may have built up.

3. Using a medium sanding pad lightly sand your door evenly and again focus on nooks and crannies around panelling etc. 

3. Using a fine sanding pad lightly rub the entire door down evenly.

4. Using a tack cloth clean and remove any sanding dust from the entire door.

5. Using the Precision Edge masking tape mask off any areas such as glass or door hardware to protect them from the painting process. Ensure edges of the tape are firmly pressed down to prevent any paint bleed.

6. Lay your dust sheet under the door to protect the surrounding areas. 

 7. Pour your Bloxx-It Primer  into the paint tray and using the Pro-D brush cut in around any panelling etc. where it isn’t possible to roll. 

8. Using a Two Fussy Blokes roller apply your first coat of Bloxx-It Primer evenly across the door focusing on one section at a time. Then finish the entire door in one even direction.

9. Allow primer to dry. You can store painting equipment in an air tight plastic bag between coats.

10. When the first coat is fully dry lightly rub down the entire door with a fine sanding pad to remove and drips or uneven areas and wipe with tack cloth.

11. Repeat step 9. and when second coat is dry repeat step 10. (Between coat sanding is really worth it to ensure a beautifully smooth final finish)

12. Clean the equipment with white spirits followed by warm soapy water.

13. When second primer coat is dry apply your first coat of topcoat using the same methods as above, cutting in around any panelling and then finishing the entire door in the same direction with the Two Fussy Blokes rollers. Store your paint equipment in an airtight plastic bag between coats.

14. When your first coat is completely dry according to manufacturer instructions lighting rub down the while door with a fine sanding pad and wipe with tack cloth. (This will be worth it!)

15. Apply your second topcoat using the same methods as above.

16. Clean equipment with either warm soapy water or white spirits depending on topcoat used.

17. Enjoy your new beautifully painted front door!

(Note that some low hiding colours may require a 3rd topcoat to ensure a completely solid and accurate colour.)