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beyond paint sealer 473ml


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drying time24 hrs


Please Note:  *When painting countertops with Beyond Paint this sealer MUST be used*

Beyond Paint Multi-Purpose Sealer is a safe, water-based, interior/exterior sealer formulated to protect your most challenging Beyond Paint projects. Use in conjunction with Beyond Paint on countertops, indoor/outdoor furniture as the perfect topcoat for any project that requires extra-strength durability or weatherproofing. Engineered with easy touch up and self-leveling technology for a smooth, and lasting sheen finish.

– Multi-Purpose
– Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor projects
– Protects your most heavily used indoor painted surfaces and any outdoor painted surface
– Provides heat and water resistance
– Light Satin Sheen
May be applied to a surface that has dried for at least 24 hours.

Apply in thin coats using a 3/8″ roller.

Second coat may be applied after 2-4 hours. It will roll on milky but dry clear.