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Our Dublin Paint Store is proud home to the Paint & Paper Library.

Paint & Paper Library was founded more than two decades ago in London by interior designer David Oliver. Providing inspiration, colour and design ideas for decorators, architects and interior designers worldwide, they offer a distinguished palette of 180 unique colours, made to the highest of standards in the United Kingdom.


Paint & Paper Library can be found in some of the most exclusive properties around the world and can be credited with creating a balance of colour, mood and light in contemporary interiors which cannot be rivalled m

Pure Flat Emulsion is the most matt decorative
paint available, giving a rich depth of colour and more character to the interior walls of many homes.

The Architects’ paints have been formulated for all areas of the modern home. These finishes are fully washable and stain resistant while not resorting to the aesthetic compromise of a higher sheen.

Paint & Paper Library also offers low VOC oil-based paints suitable for use on interior and exterior wood and metal. They are generally the choice of the professional given their excellent flow, smooth finish and superior adhesion to wood and metal alike.

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Wall – ICE V Woodwork – BLUEBIRD

paint library finishes

Available in five different suitable finishes for interior and exterior, Paint & Paper Library have formulated their paint range to the highest possible quality and standards.

Pure Flat Emulsion

A flat matt water-based emulsion paint with the
deep chalky finish. The high pigmentation
gives depth of colour and makes this the flattest emulsion paint available. The paint is also microporous, allowing the walls of a building to breathe.

Architect’s Matt

A highly durable water-based alternative to Pure Flat Emulsion. Completely washable matt emulsion with excellent scuff and stain resistance. Suitable for interior use an recommended for interior walls for all rooms including kitchens, bathrooms and areas of high traffic.

Architect’s Eggshell

A tough and durable, low sheen water-based acrylic paint
suitable for all interior woodwork and walls It is especially recommended for kitchens and bathrooms where
condensation may be a problem. Also suitable for metal, furniture and radiators.

Oil Eggshell

A highly durable low odour oil-based paint that dries to a smooth low sheen. Oil Eggshell is tough, flexible and hard-wearing paint is suitable for all interior & exterior woodwork, metal, furniture and radiators.

Oil Full Gloss

A very durable oil-based paint that dries to a high sheen that is suitable for all interior and exterior woodwork, metal and radiators.

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Panelling – PERSE GREY

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