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forma free

Berling Forma Free is a high quality water-based eco friendly paint for walls and ceilings for interior use. It develops an active substrate which can eliminate the formaldehyde that is present in the air. It also has a zero effect regarding VOC emissions and dangerous substances and it has very good resistance to common household contaminants and easy to clean properties.

Formafree is a functional technologically upgraded coating which combines the properties of a high-quality coating and at the same time it is an odourless, zero VOC and free from dangerous substances coating. Except from these properties the product can neutralize the formaldehyde that is present in the air. This ability makes the product unique in the category of interior paint coatings. The functional properties of Formafree (zero VOC, lack of dangerous substances, formaldehyde neutralization) have been measured and tested by Eurofins laboratory. Interior areas that have been painted with Formafree have better indoor air quality and therefore contribute to the elimination of the Sick Building Syndrome.


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Berling Forma Free

Functional paint

FormaFree is the most developed and functional paint in Greek paint industry. It is a high-quality paint with functional characteristics. It is tested by the leading European laboratory Eurofins which specializes in the area of indoor air quality. It was classified into A+ category, that is the highest category for paints. An Α+ classification translates into zero emissions of volatile organic compounds or “VOCs”, while it has also extremely low to zero emissions of hazardous chemical compounds. These 2 characteristics make it an extremely odourless and harmless coating. Also due to these 2 highly important qualities, we improve indoor air quality, thus significantly reducing stakes for sick building syndrome to occur and its subsequent consequences. Formafree is also a functional coating which can be tinted to many colours in our store. Forma Free’s unique benefits remain effective for several years to come.

Available in 750ml, 2.5lt in our Online Store today.



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