colour matching by Holly Bryan

Matching up colours…

When you want the before & afters to look the exact same! 

So matching a colour that’s already on a wall because someone loves it or has damaged one little part of it comes up at work a fair bit for me. 

If the paint name isn’t known & a match is needed there are a few ways to go;

Chip off a little paint & have it colour matched by spectro scanner in the store (most accurate option).

Spectrophotometer paint matching.

Grab a load of colour cards, bring them home and see if any are good matches.

Find an object – a cushion, some paper, clothes – anything that’s the same colour & bring it into the paint shop, have that colour matched.

Take as many free colour chips home to match to the wall can be a very good idea.

Once a good option is found a tester is super important, I’ve seen people pull the trigger without them and it’s so much harder to be successful with the match that way. 

In my experience finding a close match works really well if the whole room is getting refreshed.

It’s not so hot for little patches on a wall (if they’ve damaged an area and want to paint only that part) – when that happens it’s usually best to paint the whole of that piece of wall. You stop at the corners & hope the remaining walls of the room will look unnoticeably different… it doesn’t always work though.

By Holly Bryan

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